Red Fox

This red fox was one of my most popular images over the holiday season. I love foxes, and we used to see so many here a few years ago. I am hoping they will return, healthy and beautiful very soon.

This Red Fox is available in the Shop, in a small poster format, 14 x 12 inches, and can be easily framed, or informally clipped with a small bulldog clip and hung on a wall. It is the perfect size to fit anywhere – to be the feature of the wall or to be part of a group of artwork. (The image shown here is a detail)

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The New Studio

I downsized and moved my studio into storage last December. I was having a new, small studio built on a wasted space on my small property at home and it had not been completed yet. By February 2020 I was in and sorting through much of my art materials, furniture and papers. I was anticipating the exciting new studio Opening I had planned for late spring, with many of my artists friends showing their work in the garden, around the studio and house.

Well, we all know the pandemic happened and everyones plans were put on hold, and then changed or cancelled. But it gave me time to garden, swim and start to think about how I wanted to go forward with my own art practise. I started with keeping my studio hours the same as always – a loose 10am to 4pm routine – and experimenting with different formats, sketchbooks, papers oils and watercolours. My studio was cosy in the cool weather, with a little wood-stove. The stove throws out a lovely cheery warmth for the winter, and it is nice and cool in the hot weather as it catches the west winds, and sits in the shade of the tall spruce trees and house.

I have been busy for the past few weeks gathering paintings, creating greeting cards and organizing my salestable for our local Farmer’s Market here in Owen Sound, as well as hanging work in Birgit’s Café, participating in the December Exhibits at the Grey Gallery and the Owen Sound Artists Co-op Gallery downtown. I hope you get a chance to come by the Market, I am there till December 19th, my work on the on-line market till at least Spring and the Galleries and Cafe to the end of December, maybe even till January 2021.
My studio looks like a mini-storm blew through it, but it is all part of the busy time that is the Holidays.

And from January 2021 on I will be in my Studio (drop me a line if you’d like to visit). I have many new ideas to work on, and 🤞🏽🤞🏽for a lovely New Studio Opening in the warm weather.

Featured in Rrampt Magazine Online


Rrampt, an interesting new magazine, which operates both on-line and print, teamed up with a fantastic photographer, Willy Waterton, to do a series titled Artists in their Studio. I am pleased and honoured to be one of the featured artists

Do check out the other featured artists as well, and while you are there read some of the other articles as well. Great writing and interesting content. I really like this magazine. Props to Rrampt🤛🏽

I have a lovely little collection of blank greeting cards for sale at my local Farmer’s Market – the on-line version. Thank goodness for quick thinkers and organisers 💕💕 The on-line Markets have helped so many small producers and creatives to have a place to show and sell their products. I have linked it below.
Owen Sound Farmer’s Market/ Supplier Patti Waterfield Art
Unfortunately the Market only has local pick-up options for their on-line sales but you can always contact me through email if you wish to purchase cards. Each card comes with an envelope. $5 +shipping costs (free shipping with orders of 4 or more)

A couple of images to give you an idea:

Peach Moon
The Guardians
Garden poppies

I hope everyone is keeping well in these confusing days. Stay Safe!

ps: hoping to have some images of my studio from start to finish sometime soon. Right now my garden and making more art calls me strongly.

Aftermath of the Big Downsizing Sale….

I ended up having a 3 day sale. Some people wanted to come on the Friday as they had a full weekend. And Sunday we had freezing rain that left everything with a hard coating of ice. But, lots of people came to the Studio! It was lovely! Many pieces flew off the walls, and my artist friends were happy for good deals on some paint, damar crystals, stretchers, and storage shelves. Today, I should be packing and re-organizing, but there is always the exhaustion that comes after drinking a bit too much wine, eating too many sweets (the mince tarts were irresistible!) and mostly the adrenalin.

I am listening to a new-to-me podcast from the UK called Art Talk and Rosie Wylie is the guest. My friend Jean Francis recommended this to me on the weekend and I love it! The light today is gorgeous as it usually is around 4.30pm in the winter and I am waiting for people to pick up some furniture purchases.

What I am looking forward to this evening is my Yoga Practise with an amazing teacher. And then…. well stay tuned! I will past pics of my new Studio (let me just say it is gorgeous!) and my move.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported me. It means so much to me.

Ps: the photos are some of the items that sold and my packed boxes.

Getting into downsizing….

Today I have been having some fun. I started the morning in my Studio by stripping off some painted canvas from wood stretchers in order to re-use the stretchers. I have quite a little pile happening. But then quite suddenly the scissors were in my hand and I happily and very busily spent the last few hours cutting out painted images from the discarded canvas. I think the shapes will make some lovely fridge magnets …. so here’s to recycling and downsizing and new art adventures!


This year I have decided to be firm about down-sizing.  I have started by my decision to move my Studio home.  
This is always a tough choice for an artist, especially when they have had a good space to work in.  And my space has been a dream space! Lots of lovely windows, nice and bright without being really hot as I only get the morning sun. And tons of room to be able to do all those arty things like painting, drawing, printmaking, a little bit of clay. And room to sit with friends and talk. But the years move along and every year puts a little notch in my energy level. And I dont seem to be getting all the things on my lists done. In fact the lists just seem to get bigger and longer and heavier to carry. So this summer I had a good think while I was pottering around my garden. And realised that would rather make art at home, where I can enjoy my garden and my art at the same time.
So, this year my Annual Open Studio is just myself (no guests) and it is called
“ Help Patti Downsize Her Studio”
All my oil paintings are on sale , a whopping 40% to 45%!!!  A great opportunity to purchase that special painting for yourself or as a gift for someone else.  
As always there will be some munchies.  Please bring friends, pass the word, this is a free event and an open to everyone.
Hope to see many of you at my Studio ! 

Hours:  11am to 5pm Saturday November 30, 2019
              11am to 5pm Sunday December 1, 2019
1190 2nd Ave East, corner of 2nd Ave EAST and 12th Street East,  3rd Floor of the Old Slater Building ( commonly known as Murray’s Sharpening or Austin Graphics) 
Enter off 2nd Ave East.
Underwater – small watercolour on paper
Here’s to a simplified life for 2020!

It’s that time of year again (and too many Social Media platforms)

Hello everyone! I have been quite absent all year, content to post on Instagram, which shares on the side panel of my pretty empty Web page/blog. Usually I have more time to devote to this during the cold winter months 🌝

Anyway, the first winter storm has come and passed and we are hitting the road for a quick trip to see family. We thought we would have to cancel but the Nature threw in a twist again, this time to our benefit 💜😮❄️. When I get back in a week I will be hard at work preparing for my Annual Open Studio. I am always excited to feature my guest artists! This year we have Fierce Deer in the Studio building, co-hosting the Open Studio – Beautiful, delicate jewellery at an amazing price point. You should totally come and check them out as well as their Etsy Store! FierceDeer.

So the deets: Sunday, December 2nd from 10am to 4pm, 1190 2nd Ave East in Owen Sound Ontario. We will be on the 3rd Floor. Music by the fantastic Paul Bruce Danard from 1pm to 3pm and I am asking for donations for the music. Paul has very kindly offered his time and talent so a big thanks to my friend.

Sorry the building is not accessible to any one with mobility issues. Stairs to the 3rd floor only.

Artists are: FierceDeer, Joyce MacKenzie, Robbin McGregor, Iris Lucas, Lydia Knox all with beautiful work and wonderful energy!

Food and drink as always! Looking forward to seeing you!

Weather and deadlines  

February has been balmy, a few warm rainy days and then back to bone chilling mornings and slick ice.  It is around the time when I really want to stay at home, duvet pulled up over my head, hot water bottle at my feet and have no commitments at all.  But that isnt real life. 

Sitting in my warm Studio this sunny Thursday I am channelling my inner Yayoi Kasuma, making small spiralling circles on a piece which I hope will be ready for a display for International Woman’s Day        (I have to hand it in March 3rd).   There is something very  soothing in making small repetitive movements, listening to a Shamanic  playlist.  I feel calm and ready to tackle a few unfinished pieces that need to be ready for a Minature Exhibit next week. 

Wish me luck with my deadlines! ​

February and snow days….

I have been pulled into the world of YouTube these cold days, watching knitting podcasts, allotment gardening videos and art vlogs.  I dont feel guilty at all because these have been inspiring me to knit, sketch and plan my gardens.  The still from Youtube below is from Fruity Knitting, an amazing series of video podcasts made by a couple that feature knitters from all over the world – this one is  a Shetland Designer showing one of her fair aisle designs inspired by Vemeer’s painting. Swoon!   My drink of choice this afternoon is a beet gutshot with a wee bit of gin, and my drawing tool is a Lamy Safari fountain pen

Working in my sketchbook….

Just some pages from my sketchbook this year.  Many of them shared on Instagram.  I usually work with a pigma pen and watercolour, or a dip pen and waterproof ink.  Some of the sketches are graphite. (click on individual images to enlarge and for captions)

Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook

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