T-shirt, Raven motif, hand printed, silkscreened, original design

New Studio – Open House

I had my official Studio Opening this Saturday last, November 5th.

I moved my Studio at the end of June, The Old Courthouse was sold by the City Council and we were given our notices to vacate. It took me a long time to get my Studio up and running, but finally most of the organizing was done, some storage shelves put up and my Studio mates and I decided on a day. A week before the Opening, I silkscreened some t-shirts with my original crow and raven designs – t-shirts were draped every where in the Studio. The ink needed to dry for 24 hours before I could set the design using a hot iron. The next day the t-shirts were ready to be hung on a rack and priced, paintings were hung in the hallways and on the walls. I left some wall space for my guest artist Monique Stewart – a wonderful printmaker, filter, fabric artist to name a bit of what she does. And then Saturday dawned.

It was a busy weekend in Owen Sound, with Christmas get togethers, concerts, Festive First Friday, where the downtown business stay open till 10pm and offer snacks and deals to visitors and shoppers. There was a party atmosphere in the air and we at the Circle Bar Studios (1198 2nd Ave East. 3rd Floor) were lucky to be able to take advantage of it.

The morning of the 5th started very early for me, with a quick stop at the Farmer’s Market before 8am, grabbing a delicious sandwich for brekkie, and talking 19-to-the-dozen to anyone who would listen about the Open Studio, and then at the Studio at 9.15am to get the coffee percolator going, double-checking my set up ( finding that I had forgotten to label a whole wall of paintings), wheeling out my rack of t-shirts into the hallway to make room for the food table. And before we were officially open people started coming, with beaming faces and questions. We hardly had time to breathe!
Around 11am we had a lull, and we rushed around looking into each others Studios, and the beautifully decorated stairwells, and trading for each others art pieces – I got a beautiful linoblock printed fabric ornament (Monique Stewart) and 3 mini tea cups (Ruth Dawson), lusted after Ron Schweitzer’s amazing mandolins crafted meticulously from old frying pans, pots, biscuit tins, his witty printed flags, breathed in the lavender honey (Robbin McGregor – bee keeper, and I recommend her honey!) and marvelled at Keira McArthur’s attention to detail and her draftsmanship on her new series Bells. And Bob Rice from Ningwake Learning Press opened his doors and displayed books and original art by First Nations Artists and explained to people about what they do.
And then the rush started again! It was 12.30pm before we could spin around, and we decided to start offering some wine with the coffee and tea choices. More cheese was unwrapped, another container of hummus opened, Oreo Cookies appeared disappeared just as fast.

I talked to young artists, older artists, met peoples parents. The Poets Laureates of Owen Sound dropped by (Larry Jensen and Rob Rolfe) and did a performance, other musicians jumped in to jam with them – Ron Schweitzer on box beat, Keira McArthur on cello, Pete Devlin on guitar – I peeked in to get some photos and the audience was sitting there in rapt attention. One beautiful little 3 year old boy wailed ” this is so much fun! I dont want to go home!”, when is parents beckoned to him. And next door there was mini cranial massage happening (Kristan Anderson) for people who felt a bit stressed and were in need of a bit of calming down.

And before we knew it it was 5pm and though a few people were still trickling through, we picked up our coffees, bottles of wine and left over foods and cheese and congregated into Kristan’s space, where his Mum was offering around a huge container of home baked butter tarts and we talked, and laughed and listened to Spoken Word and more music happened and a few more Studio family people came in. It was a wonderful, amazing day and I think I got a tiny feeling for that Beehive Paris Commune that we artists have read about. It left me feeling buzzed and excited and couldn’t wait to get back into the Studio to keep working on ideas and completing several paintings.

To see additional photos go to  my Studio page


New Studio – Open House

New work at the Bruce Peninsula Artists’ Co_Op Gallery, The Gallery opened for the season this May long-weekend. In June the Gallery is open just Saturdays (10-4) and Sundays (Noon-4), but in July and August we are open 7 days a week! I often sit the Gallery so you may see me if you visit. The Gallery is located at the crossroads of Highway 6 and Concession Road 9, Ferndale Ontario

from the "There once was a garden series"

from the “There once was a garden series”

From the Pond series, there are 3 pond paintings in the series so far. Done on a friend's property in Grey County, Ontario

From the Pond series, there are 3 pond paintings in the series so far. Done on a friend’s property in Grey County, Ontario

Two paintings in the Gallery: Swamp above, Pond III below it.

Two paintings in the Gallery: Swamp above, Pond III below it.

It has been a busy year!

It has been very busy for me, trying to paint outdoors, in the Studio, hanging work at Galleries and Cafes. I belong to the Bruce Peninsula Society of Artists and I am a recent member of the Bruce Peninsula Co-Op Gallery, so that involves meetings, and a big Opening in May, hanging work, changing the work in the middle of the summer and sitting the Gallery. It all takes time. Here are a few works hanging on the featured wall of the Gallery, I was thrilled that it was my turn to show my work on this wall!!!


The paintings are all oils on canvas.

Oil on canvas

The reading porch

Oil on Canvas

Cindy’s legacy

Installation at Bruce Peninsula Artist's Co-Op Gallery, 2 oils on canvas

Installation at B. Peninsula Artist’s Co-Op Gallery ” Farmer’s Market bouquet” and “Bison farm”


After the Exhibit

“Imagined Landscapes” was up at the Santa Fe Gallery in Owen Sound, Ontario for three weeks.  The last day was March 22, 2014.  It was a successful exhibit, many of my friends and acquaintances came to the Opening Reception.  I had some fantastic feedback about my work, and many people were very interested in the Gallery as well.  The Santa Fe Gallery is new to Owen Sound, really only the third Gallery operating here.

So back to my Studio for a while, to make more work, and complete started works for the upcoming Studio Tours for this year (more about that in a later post), and to organize some work to hang at the Bruce Peninsula Artist’s Co-Op Gallery in Ferndale, Ontario.  The Co-op Gallery opens on the long-weekend in May, and we usually have a big Opening Reception, and often its the first meeting of many artists who do not stay in “cottage country” during the winter months.

This painting featured with this post was one of the works that sold at the Opening  of the Imagined Landscapes Exhibit.

Thicket - oil painting  6x6" A small intimate painting of a thicket, full of colour

Thicket – oil painting 6×6″
A small intimate painting of a thicket, full of colour

March 1, 2014 Exhibit opens!

This is one of the paintings in the Exhibition. This piece is titled “At the edge of the pond” and is based on a quiet area on Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Island. The work is hung, the labels are in place , the food and wine bought and all I have to do is be there tomorrow.  The Opening Reception is from 2 – 4 pm.  The location is the Santa Fe Gallery, 828 3rd Ave East, Owen Sound Ontario.  The Gallery is accessed through the Grassroots Solar front door.  Hope to see you there! The edge of the pond

Imagined Landscapes an exhibit in March 2014

I am quite excited to announce that I will be exhibiting my landscape paintings at the Santa Fe Gallery in Owen Sound, Ontario.

Stuart Burgess, a friend and fellow artist and I will be sharing the Gallery space, which is a new gallery in Owen Sound, and it is a beautiful light filled space.

The exhibition is titled Imagined Landscapes  and will run from March 1, 2014 – March 22, 2014.  We will have an Opening Reception on Saturday March 1 from 2pm to 4pm and I hope that you can drop in and see the work and meet me!  The address is on the Invite below.

Please click on the Webpages on the bottom of the right hand column, Dragonfly Ridge Studios – Santa Fe Gallery for more information about the Gallery.Imagined Landscapes E-vite