Working in my sketchbook…

This year I decided to take some time off from showing my work at Galleries, entering Exhibits and doing organized Studio Tours.  I wanted the freedom to work when I wanted to and at whatever I felt like.  I did some lino prints, some small paintings, but mostly I have been sketching in my visual journal and my studio sketchbook.  I started with a Pigma pen, some watercolours, but lately I am obsessed with a dip pen, a crow quill nib and black waterproof ink.  I have been posting to my Instagram account ( you can see them on the right hands side of my Home Page) and it has brought me immense satisfaction.

Now I think, once summer is over, and my garden harvest has been brought in and dealt with, I must turn my mind to what to do with the pages of my sketchbooks.  Stickers? Postcards? Greeting Cards? Perhaps a book of the images…….   we’ll see. Winter will be here soon enough and the New Year will bring something different.

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