Inktober 2017

This year I am participating in Inktober. It is a good challenge for me and anyone else doing the daily drawings.  It is also a way to lead me into my winter studio time and new goals. Well old goals really, but this time I will follow through on some of them like updating my Weblog!  I think it should be easier now that I have wifi in the Studio as I can post images and upload immediately. By the time I get home after a day in the Studio all I am ready for is a glass of wine and my book,  and somehow I never get to my computer to do the needful.  

My annual Open Studio will be happening on December 2nd ( the 1st Saturday) and I will be posting about that too.  The building has 5 photographers that have moved in and a film maker too, so I am excited about the mix of creative people. 

So leaving you with a photograph of a painting that is in a show till December 2017 with a link to the website as well.

Follow my Inktober sketches on Instagram! A link on my Weblog main page or follow me pattiwaterfieldart. 

Enjoy this beautiful Fall. 

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