This year I have decided to be firm about down-sizing.  I have started by my decision to move my Studio home.  
This is always a tough choice for an artist, especially when they have had a good space to work in.  And my space has been a dream space! Lots of lovely windows, nice and bright without being really hot as I only get the morning sun. And tons of room to be able to do all those arty things like painting, drawing, printmaking, a little bit of clay. And room to sit with friends and talk. But the years move along and every year puts a little notch in my energy level. And I dont seem to be getting all the things on my lists done. In fact the lists just seem to get bigger and longer and heavier to carry. So this summer I had a good think while I was pottering around my garden. And realised that would rather make art at home, where I can enjoy my garden and my art at the same time.
So, this year my Annual Open Studio is just myself (no guests) and it is called
“ Help Patti Downsize Her Studio”
All my oil paintings are on sale , a whopping 40% to 45%!!!  A great opportunity to purchase that special painting for yourself or as a gift for someone else.  
As always there will be some munchies.  Please bring friends, pass the word, this is a free event and an open to everyone.
Hope to see many of you at my Studio ! 

Hours:  11am to 5pm Saturday November 30, 2019
              11am to 5pm Sunday December 1, 2019
1190 2nd Ave East, corner of 2nd Ave EAST and 12th Street East,  3rd Floor of the Old Slater Building ( commonly known as Murray’s Sharpening or Austin Graphics) 
Enter off 2nd Ave East.
Underwater – small watercolour on paper
Here’s to a simplified life for 2020!

Published by pw57

Patti is a visual artist. She lives and works in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

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