The New Studio

I downsized and moved my studio into storage last December. I was having a new, small studio built on a wasted space on my small property at home and it had not been completed yet. By February 2020 I was in and sorting through much of my art materials, furniture and papers. I was anticipating the exciting new studio Opening I had planned for late spring, with many of my artists friends showing their work in the garden, around the studio and house.

Well, we all know the pandemic happened and everyones plans were put on hold, and then changed or cancelled. But it gave me time to garden, swim and start to think about how I wanted to go forward with my own art practise. I started with keeping my studio hours the same as always – a loose 10am to 4pm routine – and experimenting with different formats, sketchbooks, papers oils and watercolours. My studio was cosy in the cool weather, with a little wood-stove. The stove throws out a lovely cheery warmth for the winter, and it is nice and cool in the hot weather as it catches the west winds, and sits in the shade of the tall spruce trees and house.

I have been busy for the past few weeks gathering paintings, creating greeting cards and organizing my salestable for our local Farmer’s Market here in Owen Sound, as well as hanging work in Birgit’s Café, participating in the December Exhibits at the Grey Gallery and the Owen Sound Artists Co-op Gallery downtown. I hope you get a chance to come by the Market, I am there till December 19th, my work on the on-line market till at least Spring and the Galleries and Cafe to the end of December, maybe even till January 2021.
My studio looks like a mini-storm blew through it, but it is all part of the busy time that is the Holidays.

And from January 2021 on I will be in my Studio (drop me a line if you’d like to visit). I have many new ideas to work on, and 🤞🏽🤞🏽for a lovely New Studio Opening in the warm weather.

Published by pw57

Patti is a visual artist. She lives and works in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

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