I decided at the last minute, due to a cancellation of a previous commitment, to join the many sketchers in this challenge eand try to draw 100 people in a week. It means that I have to really think about drawing the figure every day for a week, I have to plan to go outdoors where there are people and have my sketching kit with me. It is still winter here and cold. And this year, finding people is a little difficult. But I started today by sitting in my car outside my local grocery store before I went in and did a couple of sketches of shoppers going in and coming out. On my way home I stopped by the harbour and sketched some people fishing, there weren’t many and the wind was fierce! The rest of the day was checking out videos and using them to sketch dancers and musicians.

#100People1Week was started by Marc Taro Holmes aka Citizen Sketcher and fellow Urban Sketcher Liz Steele in 2017, and is usually done on location, outdoors or in a café. But this year, with Covid restrictions we can use the Internet for images, videos are great because the figures are moving.

I am using water-soluble graphite, my Lamy Safari pen with ink that I can wash using my waterbrush,white gel pen, white conte pencil and a couple of colour pencils. My sketchbook for the 100 People 1 Week is a Strathmore Toned Grey.

Here are the results for day 1. 🤞🏽for the rest of the week!

From my car in the Metro Grocery parking lot March 8, 2021
Shopper waiting to go in
Fishing from the harbour wall
Dancer from Dr.Sketchy video
Rising Appalachia on their YouTube channel. I love these musicians, so talented, the music is fantastic, the sisters use their voices in an incredible way and they are strong political activists 💕
Rising Appalachia – their Solstice concert December 2020

That’s it for me today!

#100PeopleOneWeek Day 2

Trying to get my figures in whilst watching BBC Gardening World

So even though 20 figures a day didnt sound too hard to do, there wasnt anywhere for me to go to sketch lots of people. It has been super cold again and not many people around. Not to mention we are mostly still adhering to the Corona Social rules. But here is day 2. I do have to admit that I subscribe to BritBox solely for the purpose of watching Gardeners World 💕😂🥰

Trying to sketch from Zoom, switched to Google Images but still a bit rubbish…

Day 3 #100PeopleOneWeek

Day 4 #100PeopleOneWeek

These were all sketched while watching YouTube Hedgespoken, Russell Brand and Katie Green Bean

Day 5 and 6 #100PeopleOneWeek

At the Farmer’s Market, Owen Sound Day 6 #100PeopleOneWeek

No sketching was done on Day 5, sadly. I started to re-arrange and organise my studio.

Day 6, Saturday March 12At the Farmer’s Market I do about 4.5 hours duty to count the numbers of people and monitor the amount of shoppers. It is wonderful. I am a huge supporter of Community, local makers and food growers so it is the perfect place for me! I am an on-line vendor too, and a seasonal (usually Christmas ) vendor as well.

Now let me just say, it is not easy trying to sketch standing up, in freezing weather, even if I was under shelter and trying to monitor the crowd. I added the colour when I got home, with feet up and a hot cup of tea. And I got some fantastic things from the Market – fresh grown hot-house lettuce, sour-dough sunflower seed bread, arancini and focaccia, and a lovely piece of trout. And the current Market fav – sour-dough pizza, which we had with a salad last night.

Donald’s Honey and Kailey Lang with aquatic plants and art
Tori from Sunrise Bakery top left in the black apron, various shoppers..
More shoppers, lovely little toddlers…
More shopper’s

Glad I tried my best with this challenge! I enjoyed seeing everyone else’s posts on FaceBook. I didnt make 100 but I did do 84 🙌🏽🙌🏽

So that’s it. It’s Sunday, with time change so we’ve kind of lost an hour. Meal times and sleep is a little weird for a couple of days. It’s cold, and my little wood-stove is heating up the Studio. I am still re-arranging the Studio but that is for another post.

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Patti is a visual artist. She lives and works in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

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