It is almost November!

I cannot believe how quickly this year seems to have gone by. Here we are October 25th and I have not been able to get the garden winterised yet. I did get some pots emptied, but not put away, no bulbs planted and tons to do yet. And it seems to rain heavily every second day.

My partner and I took advantage of the quieter ( read no tourists) season earlier in October and headed up Peninsula to Tobermory for a couple of nights. It was quiet, and beautiful and we ate at restaurants so no cooking or dishes! It was gorgeous! The drive home was lovely too.

Shoreline, Tobermory, Saugeen Peninsula, Ontario

But sadly, I am struggling with something that so many creatives experience – the dreaded Artists Block 😵‍💫. I know that this year was a difficult one for me. Huge family responsibility and other major issues cropped up. Friends died this year. Friends parents died. The weather was challenging. I understand that all of this impacted me and my art-making creativity decided to go to sleep, but it still feels pretty awful. I have two exhibits coming up in December, and have just postponed one of them. I have been in my studio every day trying to produce something for the second one, but so far nothing of substance is showing up on my drawing board or the easel.

I have been cooking, knitting a little, not as much as I would,, but it is a creative activity which makes me feel a little bit better. And I have been able to spend some lovely quality time with good friends, new and old, and this brings me much joy and happiness. I also know that by January things will be easier, as is usual after the Holiday season is over.

So in the meantime I am trying to create some simple images for Christmas cards, giving myself to the end of the week to get a little series together for the second exhibit, and am enjoying my cosy wood fire in the studio, looking forward to doing some on-line courses. I am definitely cutting myself some slack because it was a hard year for me.

Leaving you with a couple of images on my worktable and studio wall. 🤞🏽🤞🏽that I can get some more work done.

Hope all of you are finding joy in your lives even if you are having a little struggle of your own. Because life is really about the little sparkly jewels 💎💎and we must seek them out.

Published by pw57

Patti is a visual artist. She lives and works in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada.

4 thoughts on “It is almost November!

  1. Hi Patti,

    The ebb and flow of life. Thanks for having the courage to share some of personal struggles and how it effects your creativity. You are wise to be patient with yourself and rest. Different seasons in our lives. I not over, just different.

    Take good care, Julie

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Thank you. So many times we feel we need to hide these very natural emotional upsets. I know that my creative self will be back in the driving seat when I am ready.


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