August 2021 – a late start and super hot!

Our summer had a bit of a late start, with draught, and then cold weather, and for July and August, here in Southern and Central Ontario, we have had a lot of rain, and when it isn’t raining the heat is pretty intense! I have also not been in the Studio much since mid-June. TooContinue reading “August 2021 – a late start and super hot!”

Featured in Rrampt Magazine Online

And ON-LINE FARMER’S MARKETS IN THE ERA OF COVID19 Rrampt, an interesting new magazine, which operates both on-line and print, teamed up with a fantastic photographer, Willy Waterton, to do a series titled Artists in their Studio. I am pleased and honoured to be one of the featured artists Do check out the otherContinue reading “Featured in Rrampt Magazine Online”

Aftermath of the Big Downsizing Sale….

I ended up having a 3 day sale. Some people wanted to come on the Friday as they had a full weekend. And Sunday we had freezing rain that left everything with a hard coating of ice. But, lots of people came to the Studio! It was lovely! Many pieces flew off the walls, andContinue reading “Aftermath of the Big Downsizing Sale….”

It’s that time of year again (and too many Social Media platforms)

Hello everyone! I have been quite absent all year, content to post on Instagram, which shares on the side panel of my pretty empty Web page/blog. Usually I have more time to devote to this during the cold winter months 🌝 Anyway, the first winter storm has come and passed and we are hitting theContinue reading “It’s that time of year again (and too many Social Media platforms)”

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