Artist Statement

After spending much time as a self taught artist, Patti Waterfield attended The Ontario College of Art and Design, and graduated from the Drawing and Painting Program in 2000. In 2006, she enrolled in the Central Technical School for Art and completed a 3 year program where she was immersed in many of the traditional arts, including Sculpture, Printmaking, Illustration and Design. 

She showed her work in small galleries and cafes in Toronto, particularly in Parkdale, a community she worked in as a Library worker, and where she had an art studio. 

Though primarily a painter,  Patti has exhibited prints, ceramic sculpture, soft sculpture (hand felted sculptures) and mixed media work.  She has illustrated books and  created artwork for several book/magazine covers and a compact disc cover.

Recently, as an exercise in  downsizing, she rediscovered working with watercolour and has created a smaller  series of florals and abstracted landscapes on paper, as well as experimenting with oils on paper.

Patti has lived in Owen Sound since 2012,  had studios in the historical and haunted Old Courthouse, and The Slater Building, though not haunted, carries a lot of memories within its old walls. In 2020 she downsized enough to move into a small studio on her property, which was built and designed to her specifications.

Patti’s art is informed by her deep interest in ecology, nature, her gardens and cooking.  You can see her work exhibited in some of the Galleries and Cafés in downtown Owen Sound, ON

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