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Landscapes are something many of us take for granted. So many people never look, really look at the land around them. There is beauty everywhere, despite human beings damned-ness to destroy or change the land to use for their own selfish advantage. It was not so long ago that we all respected our home, this land and felt as one with all upon it. I try to do my bit at home, planting a garden with wild flowers, hardy perennials, indigenous plants. My series There once was a garden attempts to document memories of many gardens where people have spent many hours planning and toiling, but now are lost to them, through death or moving.  (click on individual images to enlarge and read captions)

Some new oils – from the top

‘Elbow Lake, Kingston ON’ 11 x 15 inches

‘Point Los Lobos, California’ 7.5 x 11 inches

‘The Old House on the corner, Durham ON’ 7.5 x 11 inches

These small pieces are newer. I have been enjoying painting on gessoed paper. This makes the work easier to store as they are less bulky, however inventive display is needed to show the work. But super easy to frame, they just need a masonite board behind them and can be popped into a frame. Each piece can also be mounted onto a cradled panel, and it’s is ready to go!

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