Pages from my sketchbooks, done in my studio or en plein air, or just enjoying some time in the sun. The sketches are part of my sketchbook journals, recording my days, weeks and seasons.

Sheep in Field
Mallards on the Bay

My biggest joy this Fall was seeing the Weasel near our shed.

The weasel gathering mice by our shed this Fall.

White-tailed deer are frequent visitors to our garden all year
Grain elevator and ravens, Owen Sound. This view was from the north-west window in my old studio

One small nostalgic piece is this one of the Great Hall on Queen West in Toronto.

The Great Hall, Queen West, Toronto

View from my Mum’s apartment

Looking west from Godstone Road

Visiting my Mum in Toronto, she still lives in the same apartment we moved to 45 years ago. The view from the windows looking South and West were stunning! Huge vistas of sky and trees with a few high rises, some low rises and the eye could see as far as downtown. Now there are so many super condos and apartment buildings surrounding this one, and more being built everyday. Trees and green space disappearing.

I did this little sketch using a water soluble graphite pencil and my Sailor Fudé nib pen with a bit of white conté (my white gel pen quit!) The sun was just shining through some clouds and some of the buildings were lit up.

I may touch it up a little when I get back to the studio. Note to self: check your travel sketch kit and refill


Did some outdoor sketching in Harrison Park, here in Owen Sound ON on Tuesday evening, June 22, 2021. We had almost extreme June-uary weather and I was still cold in my wool pull-over, wool socks and wind-cutting vest. The temperature went down to 8C that night! But there were people eating their dinners on the picnic benches, gathering in small groups for some socializing. There were also the cell-phoners, in a group, but not communicating with each other, instead gazing at their screens. Perhaps geo-caching? I see this often in the Park.

Diners and…
the cell-phoners

Sketched in ink on location, colour pencil and ink wash added in the studio.

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