Weather and deadlines  

February has been balmy, a few warm rainy days and then back to bone chilling mornings and slick ice.  It is around the time when I really want to stay at home, duvet pulled up over my head, hot water bottle at my feet and have no commitments at all.  But that isnt real life. 

Sitting in my warm Studio this sunny Thursday I am channelling my inner Yayoi Kasuma, making small spiralling circles on a piece which I hope will be ready for a display for International Woman’s Day        (I have to hand it in March 3rd).   There is something very  soothing in making small repetitive movements, listening to a Shamanic  playlist.  I feel calm and ready to tackle a few unfinished pieces that need to be ready for a Minature Exhibit next week. 

Wish me luck with my deadlines! ​

February and snow days….

I have been pulled into the world of YouTube these cold days, watching knitting podcasts, allotment gardening videos and art vlogs.  I dont feel guilty at all because these have been inspiring me to knit, sketch and plan my gardens.  The still from Youtube below is from Fruity Knitting, an amazing series of video podcasts made by a couple that feature knitters from all over the world – this one is  a Shetland Designer showing one of her fair aisle designs inspired by Vemeer’s painting. Swoon!   My drink of choice this afternoon is a beet gutshot with a wee bit of gin, and my drawing tool is a Lamy Safari fountain pen

Working in my sketchbook….

Just some pages from my sketchbook this year.  Many of them shared on Instagram.  I usually work with a pigma pen and watercolour, or a dip pen and waterproof ink.  Some of the sketches are graphite. (click on individual images to enlarge and for captions)

Annual Open Studio December 2017



I am a bit late in uploading these from my Annual Open Studio this year.  Still here it is now and it was a succesful day.  Thankfully the weather the held for us, no snow and sunny. For the record though the temperature dropped soon after and we got loads of snow that has continued into this first week of January.

I must thank our patrons and supporters that came out, the guest artists ( Heather Murray, Joyce MacKenzie, Karen (Iris) Lucas, John Fearnall (Good Noise photography), Robbin McGregor and Sophia Lemmon a fellow Studio photographer) and the wonderful musicians who provided us with fantastic music.



Inktober 2017

This year I am participating in Inktober. It is a good challenge for me and anyone else doing the daily drawings.  It is also a way to lead me into my winter studio time and new goals. Well old goals really, but this time I will follow through on some of them like updating my Weblog!  I think it should be easier now that I have wifi in the Studio as I can post images and upload immediately. By the time I get home after a day in the Studio all I am ready for is a glass of wine and my book,  and somehow I never get to my computer to do the needful.  

My annual Open Studio will be happening on December 2nd ( the 1st Saturday) and I will be posting about that too.  The building has 5 photographers that have moved in and a film maker too, so I am excited about the mix of creative people. 

So leaving you with a photograph of a painting that is in a show till December 2017 with a link to the website as well.

Follow my Inktober sketches on Instagram! A link on my Weblog main page or follow me pattiwaterfieldart. 

Enjoy this beautiful Fall. 

Here’s when I wish there were more hours in the day….

Not to mention having super energy. As a gardener, and an avid vegetable grower, the Fall is especially busy. Not only are there the herbs and veg to harvest, but one actually has to do something with all those piles of luscious leaves and fruits! Today I harvested my basil – early but necessary as frost may be very early here in Ontario this year. It looks lovely piled up on the small kitchen table, and has filled the house with a delicious scent. But I also yearn to be in the Studio, and what is an artist/gardener to do?!! Thank goodness for digital photography, I will record the bounty, and later when it has been chopped and pesto-ed and put away, I will re-live this moment and record it in my sketchbook. Genovese Basil and Thai Basil. 

Working in my sketchbook…

This year I decided to take some time off from showing my work at Galleries, entering Exhibits and doing organized Studio Tours.  I wanted the freedom to work when I wanted to and at whatever I felt like.  I did some lino prints, some small paintings, but mostly I have been sketching in my visual journal and my studio sketchbook.  I started with a Pigma pen, some watercolours, but lately I am obsessed with a dip pen, a crow quill nib and black waterproof ink.  I have been posting to my Instagram account ( you can see them on the right hands side of my Home Page) and it has brought me immense satisfaction.

Now I think, once summer is over, and my garden harvest has been brought in and dealt with, I must turn my mind to what to do with the pages of my sketchbooks.  Stickers? Postcards? Greeting Cards? Perhaps a book of the images…….   we’ll see. Winter will be here soon enough and the New Year will bring something different.

New Studio! 

A fellow artist moved out of the building and I was sad to see her go. Our numbers  here are getting thin. I decided to move into the vacated  space – it is larger, more windows and I was feeling cramped in my space. It has been a long move, even though its right next door to the old room but I want to take my time and set it up  properly. Today my halogen light fixtures got changed out and it has made a huge difference! But most of the lights are fluorescents and I want LEDs, but all in its own time…. 

Here are some images of the new space, still some sorting and arranging to go…


Here I am, updating my Weblog, and as many artists, it really is the last thing that I do.  I have made a resolution to try and update it more often, but most of my energy goes in to making work.


There are a few changes and some new editions.  To view my work now please go to Works and click on the relevant titles there.  My Goddess Series is very new to the site. Please take a look and let me know what you think.


Happy 2017, and though we have a major storm that is supposed to last 3 days here in Ontario, Canada, I hope to use my snowed-in days as creatively as possible.

New Studio – Open House

I had my official Studio Opening this Saturday last, November 5th.

I moved my Studio at the end of June, The Old Courthouse was sold by the City Council and we were given our notices to vacate. It took me a long time to get my Studio up and running, but finally most of the organizing was done, some storage shelves put up and my Studio mates and I decided on a day. A week before the Opening, I silkscreened some t-shirts with my original crow and raven designs – t-shirts were draped every where in the Studio. The ink needed to dry for 24 hours before I could set the design using a hot iron. The next day the t-shirts were ready to be hung on a rack and priced, paintings were hung in the hallways and on the walls. I left some wall space for my guest artist Monique Stewart – a wonderful printmaker, filter, fabric artist to name a bit of what she does. And then Saturday dawned.

It was a busy weekend in Owen Sound, with Christmas get togethers, concerts, Festive First Friday, where the downtown business stay open till 10pm and offer snacks and deals to visitors and shoppers. There was a party atmosphere in the air and we at the Circle Bar Studios (1198 2nd Ave East. 3rd Floor) were lucky to be able to take advantage of it.

The morning of the 5th started very early for me, with a quick stop at the Farmer’s Market before 8am, grabbing a delicious sandwich for brekkie, and talking 19-to-the-dozen to anyone who would listen about the Open Studio, and then at the Studio at 9.15am to get the coffee percolator going, double-checking my set up ( finding that I had forgotten to label a whole wall of paintings), wheeling out my rack of t-shirts into the hallway to make room for the food table. And before we were officially open people started coming, with beaming faces and questions. We hardly had time to breathe!
Around 11am we had a lull, and we rushed around looking into each others Studios, and the beautifully decorated stairwells, and trading for each others art pieces – I got a beautiful linoblock printed fabric ornament (Monique Stewart) and 3 mini tea cups (Ruth Dawson), lusted after Ron Schweitzer’s amazing mandolins crafted meticulously from old frying pans, pots, biscuit tins, his witty printed flags, breathed in the lavender honey (Robbin McGregor – bee keeper, and I recommend her honey!) and marvelled at Keira McArthur’s attention to detail and her draftsmanship on her new series Bells. And Bob Rice from Ningwake Learning Press opened his doors and displayed books and original art by First Nations Artists and explained to people about what they do.
And then the rush started again! It was 12.30pm before we could spin around, and we decided to start offering some wine with the coffee and tea choices. More cheese was unwrapped, another container of hummus opened, Oreo Cookies appeared disappeared just as fast.

I talked to young artists, older artists, met peoples parents. The Poets Laureates of Owen Sound dropped by (Larry Jensen and Rob Rolfe) and did a performance, other musicians jumped in to jam with them – Ron Schweitzer on box beat, Keira McArthur on cello, Pete Devlin on guitar – I peeked in to get some photos and the audience was sitting there in rapt attention. One beautiful little 3 year old boy wailed ” this is so much fun! I dont want to go home!”, when is parents beckoned to him. And next door there was mini cranial massage happening (Kristan Anderson) for people who felt a bit stressed and were in need of a bit of calming down.

And before we knew it it was 5pm and though a few people were still trickling through, we picked up our coffees, bottles of wine and left over foods and cheese and congregated into Kristan’s space, where his Mum was offering around a huge container of home baked butter tarts and we talked, and laughed and listened to Spoken Word and more music happened and a few more Studio family people came in. It was a wonderful, amazing day and I think I got a tiny feeling for that Beehive Paris Commune that we artists have read about. It left me feeling buzzed and excited and couldn’t wait to get back into the Studio to keep working on ideas and completing several paintings.

To see additional photos go to  my Studio page


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