Goddess Series

My Goddess Series came about early in 2016, when I was home during the Winter and early Spring, nursing my very old and sick cat.  I spent much of my time in my bedroom cuddled up with her, or at the kitchen table by the window, keeping her company while working in my sketchbook.  When I did go into my Studio, as I needed to get my work ready for various Gallery openings, I sat at my table and these Goddess images flowed out of me.

Most of the Goddesses are Crones – it is where I am in my life, as are many of my friends, and not much is done in the world to honour older women.  In a sense this series is a tribute to myself and my friends.

Each of the images are on archival matte board, and an irregular size, approximately 6×5″ each.  Click on each image to view them on fullscreen and  if they are available for purchase. Can. $25 each.


Roz Wound Up

My Many Enthusiasms

The Sketchbook


One Gal's Toronto

Unearthing the stories of the city’s forgotten people and places.

Danny Gregory

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